Them Thar Hills.

Prior to +Afsi's thrilling two week trip through Europe, we planned a weekend celebrating some family traditions and good friends. This was a driving weekend for me- which made for a complicated trek up I-75. Because my car is leased with low-mileage terms, I found a great deal on a rental car to save mine from accruing 1,000 extra miles. Swapping out the cars at ATL turned out to be more difficult than anticipated, since I was carrying a grill in addition to my luggage. I nearly called UPS for logistical help but here's how I made it work:

~6:05pm Park my Buick, henceforth referred to as V, in hourly airport parking
~6:10pm Take airport train to rental car center
~6:32pm Find Midsize Chevy with Ohio tags (I'm lucky to have survived)
~6:45pm Park rental car, henceforth referred to as Ohi-no, in hourly lot next to V
~6:46pm Unload luggage, grill, pillow from V and pack up Ohi-no
~6:51pm Drive V to long-term lot
~7:05pm Take parking shuttle back to airport, receiving odd looks for my apparent lack of luggage
~7:13pm Get behind the wheel of Ohi-no and get back on the road.


Since this vehicle did not have bluetooth connectivity (What is this?? 2012?), I shoved my phone in the headrest behind my neck and turned on a series of RadioLab podcasts to expand my knowledge of the known world. I discovered new facts about inherited genetic traits, space walks, and Mel Blanc all while cruising at 80 on my way north. 

I did not arrive until about 1am, snuck past a sleeping Alyson, in town for the EKU triathlon (she finished 2nd of the women under 39!), and hit the sack with an alarm set for 7am. I slept with visions of mushrooms dancing in my head, and here's why: We were going hunting. 

This is a Siahkoohi family tradition in which I was more than excited to take part. Throughout the second half of April and 1st half of May, the hills are alive with the sounds of Morels pushing up through the dirt. (I love that there is a website devoted to mushroom hunting.) We drove out to the farm and were welcomed with coffee, fresh muffins and chicken sausage to fill us up for our mountain hopping. 

Veteran hunters

Walking the crest

Afsi and her two hats
Breath-taking views
Steep slopes
Rock climbing (and knee-bruising)
All in hopes of finding these little guys
 We scoured the mountainside under the patient guidance of Mr. Siahkoohi and found 32 hard-won specimen. Even had we not found anything, we had a great 7 mile hike through some beautiful Kentucky woods.

Afsi and I spent a relaxing night at her house, fired up the new grill and Afsi whipped together the single greatest advance in taco science since the invention of the tortilla.

Your taste buds are weeping in jealousy
As is important in every long-distance relationship, we spent the night talking about life, plans, family and goals and I was reminded again of how lucky I am to be in this woman's life.

Sunday morning was spent lazing about with a cup of coffee on the front porch- I think life is about as good as the number of days you get to spend on your front porch drinking coffee. Afsi's friend +Chris Crumrine  had a fake birthday to celebrate, so his girlfriend and Afsi planned a barbecue in her backyard. Delicious dishes appeared to cover every flat surface in the house and I tasted +Hannah's derby pie, which made me reevaluate my wary outlook on deserts. As is customary on Masters Sunday, we closed out the afternoon watching Adam Scott beat out Angel Cabrera in the twilight on the second playoff hole.

Chalk up another fun weekend. We're undefeated so far.