Thailand - Krabi.

You see what happened here? We walked about 100 yards, luggage in arm, to catch a long-tail boat to our secluded part of the beach. The coastline was broken up into small villages that were separated by large rocks jutting straight to the sky.

This place is known to be rock climbers paradise. We (Kevin) decided to make this rock climbing experience the most extreme way we could figure out how; kayak to the rocks, stand up in the boat and start climbing. Whenever Kevin felt like he had conquered that particular rock, he would just fall back into the ocean. Having the Go Pro in hand was half the fun, "Let's dunk it underwater!" or "I'm about to jump, is it on?" Needless to say, we were kids playing in God's playground.

The surroundings looked like something of a movie set. Well, The Beach was filmed here and, surprisingly, tourists hadn't seemed to leave their mark. Parts still appeared unexplored. It was particularly nice that you could only access the beaches by 12-person long tail boat, and it seemed to do a lot of "crowd control".

After hiking, exploring, kayaking, climbing and every other -ing you could do here, we probably attempted it. To end our perfect time here, we celebrated New Years with about 200 of our closest friends with lanterns and beverages aplenty. It was a memorable new year and the Thai treated us well! 

- A