What's Next?

You know we have another trip up our wandering sleeves - July is for Europe! When our nation will celebrate its birthday, we will bring our fireworks across the Atlantic! Not alone, but with friends!

Hannah and Chris have been in our lives from the beginning of our relationship so why not take our friendship to the next level? Spend nine days together non-stop while sharing hostel rooms!

Our route is loosely based on Kevin and Hannah's knowledge of German, Chris's knowledge of Italian, and my stomach. Last time I went to Switzerland with my buddy Alyson, their food was phenomenal. Rostis, schnitzel, and wurst for days. And as a devout carb-er, Italy seems to be a natural fit for my devouring preferences. I am also thrilled to see the sites, take my Nikon, and capture sites unseen by my exploring eyes.

So, friends and readers, do you have any suggestions? Restaurant or sites we can't miss? Our route will be a haphazard circle, beginning in Stuttgart, heading southward to only make our way back to Germany.
- A