It's not all fun.

It was past due. My house was built in 1927 and is a 948 square foot gem. I love my little house but since Kevin is moving to Kentucky, the least I can do is make it "ready" for him and his stuff that comes with. So projects ensued!

First we began outside, expanding the seating and patio area.
Doubled the area for more entertaining!
Slowly we've been doing projects but I wanted to tackle one drastic one to update the house. Below, you'll see the dated kitchen. I had linoleum floors, ancient appliances, and the cabinets... THE CABINETS. The color wasn't suiting the house or the paint scheme that I had chosen.

When I bought it... 

So, my mother and I (mainly my mother because painting is not my strong suit and mom always said we need to stick to our strengths) sanded, painted many coats until we got this:

And ta-dah! The cabinets painted white help open the space. I still have some projects to do but excited that we are getting closer to the big day.