Back to California.

We found ourselves in California earlier this year to celebrate the life of Jeff Adam, our dear friend's brother who tragically passed away at an early age. The interesting and most rewarding part of this trip was meeting people who knew Jeff, who Kevin and I had never met. By the time we had left, we felt we had lost a dear friend as well. To commemorate Jeff’s life, an annual regatta is held to do the things the Jeff liked to do best: be outdoors and in the water.

Kevin decided to participate, only to be given a single-seat, Olympic-level razor to race. Needless to say, there was a bit of a learning curve compared to his GT days.

Proper capsizing recovery

After the regatta, Brittany took us hiking around Dana Point where we inhaled everything California had to offer. Learning that this is an annual event, Kevin and I will be back to celebrate Jeff.

- A