I would like to imagine that we are two extraordinary people.
Many people want to be extraordinary and constantly search for outside validation. I personally consider it far more important to believe it of yourself. Afsi continuously encourages me to be exceptional, whether she realizes it or not.

We have forged this blog from the laughter and adrenaline of several months of adventure. Allow me to share the highlight reel:

Our first date, falling from 14,000'.

I rented a car to drive to Cincinnati from Chicago to see that beautiful face one more time before jetting across the pond.
What was really our second date, Afsi drove to Atlanta from Kentucky to pick me up from the airport after 2 weeks in Europe. We immediately went to a Halloween party dressed to the nines.

Next time seeing one another, we raced on a mile-long zipline. 
And went for a walk.

Why not take a gondola to the top of Stone Mountain?

In the wise words I very recently made up in my head, "Get excited about life, or find someone who does it for you."