St. Patricks in ATL.

Five months in, we decided it was time to take another step towards betterment - have the families meet.
It was a short, eventful weekend that consisted of a zoo visit, a celebratory dinner of Davis birthdays, a meeting of families to "slave" over appetizers that would feed guests of Kevin's Housewarming/St. Patrick's Day gathering on the following day.

To start our eventful weekend, Kevin prepared me, my mom and brother, a delicious sausage, spinach omelette and blueberry muffins. I might add, the cast iron skillet surprisingly made a difference.

At the Atlanta Zoo - I think the meerkat look works for us.

It's always a competition.

The "slaves" at work preparing the traditional fare of cabbage rolls for the party. It's going to be until next year if I plan on rolling more cabbage.

Ta da!

 If Kevin and I are getting together, at some point I will receive flowers. :)