Roadtrip to the ATL.

It was past due for me to visit Kevin's stomping grounds. It was also time to save a buck and just drive. With that in mind, and being the most considerate, thoughtful person ALIVE, Kevin scheduled a one-way flight to Mt. Sterling, KY for a project Friday morning and rode with me to GA after work. He, consistently, makes me feel very lucky.

Also - if you're on a long drive, I highly recommend this book. David Sedaris is a go-to for me and it kept us cackling.

When we arrived to the bright lights of ATL, we met up with Kevin's bro-buddy Sean for his going away party, who is leaving for Holland. Drinks and dancing ensued. After our night of having fun, Kevin fumbled through his wallet to find our parking pass but initially found this:

If we needed proof of our first date, our first outing after a year of not seeing each other, HERE IT IS. And yes, I absolutely love the corniness that it says, "expire never".

After sleeping in a bit too late, Saturday afternoon consisted of celebrating his sweet nephew's 3rd birthday. The Davis clan was in full force making this little one have a great birthday.

A day in the sun is a bit tiring but this particular Saturday eve equaled DATE NIGHT. Date night also equals me easily getting my second wind because I love the moments when we can sit, talk, and ignore the noise. Also on this particular date night, we had dinner at Dante's Down the Hatch before it closed its doors for good. Let me tell you, I'm a fondue believer. With the dark intimate atmosphere, accompanied with a dramatically detailed pirate ship theme, with the live jazz music as the perfect background accompaniment, it's the perfect atmosphere for a couple. It's a shame this lovely establishment is closing the end of July.

Live music on the pirate ship!
The picture is a bit blurry but the TRON dress is a-shinin!
Our dinner conversation was mostly thoughts of what to do for Labor Day weekend, plotting our adventure for NYE in Thailand and how happy we make each other. Time flies when it's just the two of us and I consistently feel overwhelmingly blessed to be with someone who cares.