Bear with us, as we haven't left the country or vacationed someplace exotic for the last few weeks. But stay on the edge of your seats- I'm going to hit you with some wisdom: you have the opportunity to make your own adventures, no matter the setting. 

That sentence is in italics, so you can be certain of my sincerity.

We haven't traveled anywhere new, but each trip is still a learning experience. For no real reason, I took a few days off in June and flew up to Louisville for a 4-day weekend to Kentucky. +Afsi picked me up, Dressed. To. Kill.

In all our trips together, we have seldom scheduled a real date. We rather skipped the typical first date, and haven't looked back since.

Everytime I've flown into/out of SDF airport, we pass by this very unique, slightly-out-of-place structure on I-64 next to the airport. On the 16th floor, visitors discover a Ruth's Chris steakhouse, with a wrap-around balcony and beautiful views. So after picking me up at the airport (and I was able to lift my jaw off the ground), we treated ourselves to the single best steak either of us has ever eaten. I also can not say enough good things about the very affordable and delicious wine, which we raised in toast to the men who fought in Normandy, France 69 years hence.

Took a minute to get it right, but a waitress was finally able to capture our youthful bliss.
Afsi went to work on Friday and I enjoyed my vacation. On Valentine's Day, we went for a couple's massage in Lexington and I overpaid. That being said, I still had a credit for a "free" massage... Friday, June 7 may not have been anything special to most but it was a hell of a day off for me. After my hour-long New Age concert and earthy scent journey, Afsi's mom and brother joined Afsi and me at her house for what I promised would be a barbecue on the grill. Thanks to my pampering, I was late (and slow-moving) to the luncheon and had no time to prepare the grill. Ol' George Foreman would have to suffice- and for those who know us, we have a comically difficult time preparing diced potatoes. Afsi took some matriarchal notes and now she can't go wrong. Afsi went back to work and I spent the afternoon with the other Siahkoohis on the farm.

The first guests at the expanded Chickplex
Damir is in Barcelona for the summer, but before he left, his family threw him a party, I assume to express just how excited they were for him to be leaving the country. The main entree for this celebration was to be two smoked pork shoulders, cooked overnight over burning apple wood. Damir and his friends stayed out all night Friday night monitoring the meat, and when Mrs. Siahkoohi's father pulled up Saturday at dawn, he noted that the wilderness scouts had set up a flat-screen and Wii to keep occupied. Regardless of their distractions, Damir and the boys nailed it. The meat was perfectly smoked, tender and the rest of the dishes made a meal to write home about.

We got some work done in the yard on Sunday before the rain moved in and then went out to grab some sushi at one of Afsi's friends' place. We snatched up some snacks for nourishment before striking out again in the rain to help +Chris Crumrine and +Hannah Huggins move to their new digs across town. We celebrated their big move at the Jeff Davis Inn afterward.

That about wrapped up the long-weekend. Monday, while Afsi went on to work, I walked around the neighborhood, checking out house styles and enjoying the history.

The following weekend was again for celebrating- Damir was already gone, so we had to come up with another reason, and Afsi's birthday seemed like a good enough excuse.

Afsi's roommate knows her well- notebooks and her favorite candle.
Friday night she and I grabbed dinner at an incredible restaurant down the street, Cole's, and then met up with a dozen or so friends at the Caribbean-style Atomic Cafe, which has a great patio, live band, and Jamaican meat patties.
A sippy glass for wine?? Brilliant!
Saturday we had...wait for it... no plans. I know Afsi is shuddering reading this right now, but we didn't waste the day by any means. We both love a good yard day, so we threw on the bathing suits and worked on our tans while scaping the land. After cleaning up a bit, we walked over to grab lunch and then walked over to a very quaint and pleasant wine market/restaurant, Wines on Vine, to meet up with Hannah and Chris and keep the birthday celebration alive.

Completely sated on wine and cold cuts, we did what any other normal person would do, we went to a steakhouse. Neither of us could finish the meal at Malone's but it was a great experience.

Sunday, we ran over to the farm for Sunday lunch and a feast fit for the occasion. Afsi's twin cousins were born a day before Afsi, so the trifecta of birthdays translated into 3x the food I was allowed to stuff my face with (science!!) As is customary, we closed off the afternoon relaxing around the farm and I was permitted access to the coveted blueberry cage to collect some precious fruit to bring back to Georgia.

One long drive later, I found myself back in Peachtree City, ready for the next weekend together.