california dreaming. [pt. 3]

The last few days we were locked in for road trip mode. Neither of us had explored the Pacific Coast and California State Route 1 seemed like the perfect place to feed our need. It's also rated 5 stars on Yelp if that indicates the awesomeness of the breathtaking coastline. Starting our stopping points around Santa Barbara, we posted up on a beach and decided to decompress. Kevin went for a swim but I found the water to be cold. Ain't no body got time for freezing ocean water. And there is nothing worse than my attitude then if I'm cold... or hungry.

Scoping - contemplating to freeze to death or not.
This one is a fish out of water.

Whenever my family goes on a long road trip, we sometimes read to each other. We've found that David Sedaris books work best because his easy, witty humor is broken up into short stories. Many a time the family would take turns reading and the driver would have to pull over because they were crying and laughing so hard. I brought a book along hoping for that sort of opportunity. Since the convertible didn't present such, the beach was the perfect time to fit in a short story from Sedaris' collection of favorites. The particular story I read aloud had us snickering in the warm sun.

Pacific beach time - check. I was anxious to see what all the hoopla was about with Route 1 because my father and grandfather both highly recommended it. We started driving then all of a sudden:

There it is. This is literally what the whole route looks like.
There are no words to describe the vast beauty that lined the coast. The clear weather, the perfect combination of wind with the beaming sunshine. The jagged rocks that bordered the sandy beaches that climbed up to smooth grassy peaks in the mountains. The small patches of fog rolling over the hills and into the sea.

I was supposed to capture the sunset. Oops. 

We made it through Malibu and joined up with an old friend for our last dinner along the coastline. The flight out was a red-eye, getting back to the East around sunrise. Neither of us slept well, but it was well worth catching the last sunset in LA before making it back to the real world.