Time Apart + Planning Our NYE

We are currently experiencing a month apart. I'm here, in Lexington, and he's in Germany working with the bigwigs of RAS Systems. Having a 6 hour time difference isn't easy. ESPECIALLY since I suck at telling my time + 6hrs = his time. I'm always up for a chat after my work day (5pm) but he's tired from a long day of work and speaking German (5pm + 6hrs). I would assume speaking German all day would wear me out. Probably because I have in my head I should be yelling and angry to express emphasis. Yes, I am stereotyping.

So, our next big trip we're plotting? THAILAND! We've booked our tickets and I'm über hyped (see me? I can speak German. ÜBER). We were discussing, where can we go that is completely out of our element? I think we found the place.

So, after doing some research with Lonely Planet and Pinterest pictures (I know that probably isn't the most effective way to find suggestions), we are starting to plan out our schedule. Most of my suggestions have comprised of a beach and riding an elephant, which, according to Pinterest pictures, is pretty common. Kevin has added historical places and checking out the Floating River Market. So friends, I ask the question, do you all have any suggestions, ideas or what we should check out?