... We're still here.

We know, we know... it has been almost five months without an update. We are THE WORST bloggers.

Based on where we left off on the blog, we finished our Euro-trip, I became a Davis (two ways)...

Afsi and her father at the wedding.
First glimpse of the bride.
First glimpse of the groom.
After a sudden downpour forced the ceremony inside, the ice was broken and the ceremony became fun for everyone.
Walking for the first time as husband and wife.

The sky cleared immediately after the ceremony for some beautiful outdoor photography, courtesy of- Dustin Stevenson Photography.

Our first dance, with skills provided by Amber with Lexington's Arthur Murray Dance studio.
Everyone gathered to send us off in style...
...in a helicopter bound for the Griffin Gate Hotel in Lexington.

...we left the morning after our wedding and went on a fabulous honeymoon to Belize.

At the Belize Zoo, we met a photogenic Tucan.

We cruised around in a luxury upgrade, 1998 Suzuki Jimny that shot water out every time I turned left.

Thanks to generous gifts from friends and family, we relaxed for 3 days in the idyllic Belize Ocean Club, about 3 hours away from the Belize City Airport. 

Took a fishing/snorkeling charter all day out with an ex-con-turned-slam-poet.

Grabbed some lunch.

Took out a jetski from San Pedro, Belize.

Visited the ruins of Altun Ha completely by ourselves with a park ranger.

And climbed to the top of the Sun Temple.
We have maxed out our vacation days for 2014, but so many things are in store for 2015! It helps that we have friends that we want to see, who live so far away.

In other updates, I have gained 10 pounds since our wedding day and Kevin has gained 15. We are literally fat and happy. I didn’t realize it would be so difficult to have some sort of schedule or routine. We haven’t quite found one yet that works for us. Kevin did buy a triathlon bike though. I have a feeling those pounds will soon melt off…

- A