Our Favorite Travels of 2014.

Every time we plan to travel, we hope to encounter some pretty amazing experiences and meet some fascinating people. So, I decided to look back at our trips we've been fortunate enough to take this year.

Krabi Beach, Thailand
Starting 2014 on a remote beach with lanterns was pretty remarkable. The small, intimate group counting down with floating, flickering lights in the sky was the highlight of my experience in Thailand. Even though we were all strangers, there was a bond of staring 2014 off with kindness that was hard to forget.

Zurich, Switzerland
The weather was impeccable, the view was extraordinary and we witnessed our best friends get engaged in the most perfect setting. 


Schilthorn (Murren), Switzerland
I have quite a few excellent experiences on this trip. Enjoying a local brew while taking in the view at 9744 feet, with friends, made me realize how lucky I am to be able to be able to observe on of the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps.

Like how the focus is on the beer and not their faces?

Cinque Terre, Italy
UNESCO World Heritage Site, the best pasta I've ever had, accompanied with delicious Italian wine, and set in a historical village that was established in the 8th century, it's easy to see why this place was so memorable. I will be back.

-           We got married.        - 

Placencia, Belize
We got on a boat, Kevin caught our dinner with a spear, and a former convict prepared our delicious seafood. Don’t judge people, Chino Eiley is an educated, well-spoken man with a surprising past.

These moments were "and there we were" moments that were unique and special.

What are some special travel experiences you've had this year?